• Acidity : average
  • Tannin : average
  • Sweetness : Dry
  • Body : Average
  • Length : Average
Food and wine pairing

This wine will go perfectly with:

  • charcuteries
  • volaille grillée
  • andouillette grillée
  • blanquette de veau
  • Jambon persillé
  • salade sarladaise
  • tête de veau
  • rôti de porc Orloff
  • pizza au thon
  • pavé de crocodile
  • boudin noir antillais

Cheysson - Chirouble Cuvée Traditionnelle - 2018

The wine Chiroubles Cuvée traditional vintage 2015 of Domaine Cheysson is a wine of Beaujolais in the purest regional tradition, to savor with friends!

Composition and terroir:

This Beaujolais wine from Maison Cheysson comes from vines planted on the granitic and porphyry slopes of Beaujolais, exposed south / south-east. Semi-carbonic vinification for 8 days and 25% de-stemming of the crop to bring more fat. Aging over 4 months in stainless steel vats.

Grape variety:

Gamay for this red wine.

Visual aspect :

This vintage Chiroubles vintage 2015 has a beautiful intense ruby ​​color and shimmering.

Olfactory characteristics:

On the nose, this traditional Chiroubles Cuvée reveals evolved black fruit aromas and flowers.

Taste attributes:

A Beaujolais wine from the 2015 vintage of the Cheysson House, rich and delicious, with a slight acidity that underlies this wine. This red wine is a real treat!

Domain :Cheysson
Appellation : Chirouble
Region : Beaujolais
Couleur :Red
Guard year :2 A 5 ANS
By unit14,80 €16,80 € 14.80 EUR 13.10 EUR Per 6 bottles13,10 €15,10 €

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Domain: Cheysson

    The domain produces three  Chiroubles wines, vinified and aged differently, in order to deliver the full potential of expression of thought.

    Founded in 1870 by Emile Cheysson, entrepreneur, state and sociologist man, the domain Cheysson set in the heart of Beaujolais, in Chiroubles. Chiroubles is the most seductive raw of the region, with aromas of red fruits and violets.


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They are talking :
  • Bettane and Desseauve : 1 BD nominated in the Guide 2013
  • Dussert Gerber : Nominated in the Guide 2013
  • Couleur : Rouge
  • Appellation : Chirouble
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