Products of the domain : Martin Schaetzel

Maison Martin Schaetzel produces wines since 1803 in respect of land and natural balance. It is located in Ammerschwihr in the heart of  Alsace on the Wine Route.

Since the beginning of the 30s, Martin Schaetzel decides for economic reasons to sell his crop to local, regional restaurateurs, and even beyond the Vosges and the Rhine basin. 

His nephew John takes over the domaine in 1979. He is passionated by the expression of terroir and completed his studies in oenology at the University of Dijon. It is important for him to enhance the production tool of his uncle and to respect the values ​​he learned from an early age.

In 1998 Jean turns to organic farming and biodynamic culture. It acquires labels Ecocert and Demeter (for grapes from organic agriculture and biodynamic).

He then applies to the development of bio Alsatian wines of a great identity, listening to nature, and joining the pleasures of life.


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