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AOC Saint-Chinian

The Saint-Chinian appellation is the fourth in Languedoc-Roussillon in volume of production. Located at the foot of the Massif de l'Espinousse, but facing the Mediterranean Sea, the vineyard of Saint-Chinian presents two very different terroirs. To the north, there is a schist soil comparable to that of the Faugères appellation, renowned for its expressive and fruity wines. In the South, limestone and clay-limestone marl dominate, producing lighter wines. The Saint-Chinian appellation extends over twenty villages, in the vicinity of the commune of Saint-Chinian. The vineyard is crossed by the river Orb, but also the Vernazobres and the Lirou. The Mediterranean climate and the influence of the tramontana are an additional asset for the cultivation of the vine and the production of this great Languedoc wine.

Saint-Chinian Berlou and Saint-Chinian Roquebrun

The Saint-Chinian appellation includes two communal appellations. These allow to valorize two terroirs recognized for their specificity. Reserved for red wines, the Saint-Chinian Berlou appellation comes from old vines and hand-picked grapes. The Saint-Chinian Berlou red wines are renowned for their fine tannins. The appellation Saint-Chinian Roquebrun is also limited to red wines. Also harvested by hand, the Saint-Chinian Roquebrun undergo a longer rearing. These wines display a great aromatic power and, also, subtle tannins.

Grapes and flavors of Saint-Chinian

The AOC Saint-Chinian, like the other appellations of Languedoc, is based on blends of grape varieties. The dominant grape varieties are
- Syrah, known for its aromatic power and intense color
- Grenache Noir, renowned for its structure and aromas
- Mourvèdre, appreciated for its aging ability, which gives the wines a good length in the mouth.

The white Chinian are also derived from grape varieties characteristic of the Languedoc vineyards:

- White Grenache, which gives fruity aromas and notes of citrus in white wine
- Roussanne, which produces aromas of honey and apricot and brings freshness to the white Saint Chinian
- Marsanne, which enriches the Saint Chinian with a mineral touch
- Vermentino, which brings a pale color and a deep aromatic palette

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