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Saint-Emilion , Margaux , Pauillac are names that make the great lovers of red wines of the world dream, and the different ranking that have been established only give them more luster.

The worldwide reputation of Bordeaux wines is indisputable and has been for decades.

No other region in the world has appellations as well known as the Bordeaux region. The Grands Crus Classés of Médoc , Graves , Sauternes , the classified wines of Saint-Emilion and the most prestigious wines of Pomerol have an immense reputation and enjoys, in great vintages of a very exceptional demand.

With these prestigious classified wines, sold throughout the world, Bordeaux remains the viticultural showcase of France, even if Burgundy is beginning to seriously compete with it.

The 1855 ranking

This is the best known. It concerns the Médoc and the Sauternes -Barsac as well as the exceptional Graves Haut-Brion . The ranking of 1855 represents the hierarchy of the selling prices reached by the wines of the Châteaux medocains and sauternais in the years preceding 1855. Indeed it was proposed by the syndicate of wine brokers according to their experience on the average prices that the Syndicated brokers had established for their purchases of wine in the various castles. This hierarchy sets five classes in the Médoc and two in the Sauternes-Barsac.

The 1973 ranking

This classification only concerns the first crus of the Médoc . He allowed the Rothschilds to mount Château Mouton de Rothschild to the rank of "first", a rank that the brokers had given him for a long time. All the first vintages of 1855 found their place in the classification of 1973.

The Graves classification

On recommendations made by the INAO, the Minister of Agriculture has classified by decree fifteen Châteaux.

Unlike other rankings, there are no cyclical revisions in this ranking.

The Saint-Emilion classification

Following the decrees of 1955 and 1958, the classification proposals formulated by the union of defense of the appellation "Saint-Emilion" and recommended by the INAO has been homologated.

This ranking establishes a hierarchy as follows:

2 first grands crus classified "A"

Top 10 grands crus classified "B"

64 grands crus classés

This ranking is revised every 10 years.

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