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The Coulée de Serrant vineyard was planted in 1130 by Cistercian monks.

In the course of history, he was admired by many characters such as Louis XI, who characterized him as "golden drop," Louis XIV, Alexandre Dumas, or the gastronomer Curnonsky, who defined him as one of the five Best french white wines.

The vineyard produces three different appellation wines.

The Coulée de Serrant, which constitutes an appellation to itself, is produced on 7 hectares on a schist soil, on very steep hills overlooking the Loire. It comes from the Chenin grape and harvested by hand. The harvest is done 5 times in 4 weeks in order to obtain the most colorful ripeness.

The clos de la Bergerie belongs to the appellation Savennières Roche aux Moines. It is also produced on a schist soil is vinified wood.

The old enclosures belong to the same name, it comes from mass selections to promote aromatic complexity.

Each wine of Coulée de Serrant is harvested when it reaches its best maturity and according to the principles of a healthy agriculture (organic or biodynamic).

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