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Drink of the happy days the champagne is the gaiety put in liquid to better spread among the men.

Loaded with this particular symbolism, it transmits a singular force.

It is all the magic of this fabulous region that took its name to encompass all its production.

The vineyard of this region covers nearly 34 000 hectares and is spread over 3 departments: the Marne, the Aisne and the Aube.

Now that champagne is renowned throughout the world, and its reputation far surpasses it, its producers are refinement of the process.

Large houses buy grapes from winegrowers who could not put their own production in bottles, because viticulture in this region ties far more to the world of luxury than the world of farmers.

We think we know champagne , but we are often unaware that it is simply a real wine , that we can drink at the table, and especially keep it for several years, even if we lose a few bubbles to reveal more depth.

Chardonnay , Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grape varieties reign in this region.

The style of a champagne house, symbolized by its raw cuvée which is identical year by year, thanks to skilful assemblages, goes beyond the geography of the terroirs.

It is no coincidence that many of the great champagne houses established in Reims, including the oldest of them, Ruinart , rest on labyrinthine galleries of crayères. These crayers testify to the activity of construction particularly important since it is old quarries of Gallo Roman time or the champagne was very populated and already very rich.

The man in the cellar is the keystone of champagne, as Dom Pérignon once did, and after several decades he passed on his know-how and knowledge of the spirit of the house for which he worked to his successor.

Between Brut , demi sec, white of white , rosé and vintage , the Champagne offers a very wide palette of wine which adapts to the taste of each one.

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