Vin Bourgogne Burgundy

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The white Burgundies are produced from the Chardonnay grape, still called. Pinot blanc has practically disappeared. It is very often confused with chardonnay. The Aligoté grape also produces the well-known eponymous wine.

In red and rosé the pinot noir is king, and has almost the monopoly on the production of red wine. The pinot beurot has unfortunately almost disappeared, yet it brings to the red wine a rather extraordinary finesse.

The area of ​​production of this appellation is particularly wide, considering the possible addition of different names of sub-regions (Hautes-côtes, Côte chalonnaise ...) or village (Chitry, Epineuil ...) which constitute Each a separate entity. It is not surprising that because of the breadth of this appellation the producers have sought to customize their. More recently, the winegrowers used the name of village and added it to the appellation Bourgogne , on the slopes of the Yonne. This is the case of Sant-Bris, the coasts of Auxerre, on the right bank, and Coulanges-la-Vineuse, on the left bank. To add to the difficulty, there are load-bearing labels, in addition to the name burgundy , the place where the wine was produced. Some ancient and well-known vineyards justify this practice today, as in the case of the Chapter in Chenôve, the Montre-culs in Dijon or the Chapelle-Notre-Dame in Serrigny.

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