Products of the domain : Louis Roederer.

The Louis Roederer House holds 240 hectares of vineyards of Grands and Premiers Crus de la Marne.

In 1833, Louis Roederer took the lead of the estate, his inheritance. His first work in the vineyard was to enrich it, in order to be able to verify the different stages of the wine production process. It was in the nineteenth century that it decided to enlarge its vineyard by buying land in appellation Grands Crus de Champagne.

At that time, the purchase of grapes was more successful than the purchase of vines. However, Louis Roederer always favored his vineyard and took the time to study each plot in order to detect the best. Louis Roederer then gave his name to the House.

After his death, Louis Roederer II took over the reins of the House. Louis Roederer gave him his love for his trade, as well as his know-how.

The Louis Roederer Champagne was first exported to the United States and Russia in 1870, but it was in 1876 that the Champagne Cristal was created, specially designed for Tsar Alexander II. This is how the Cuvée Prestige was created.

In 1920 Leon Olry Roederer inherited the Louis Roeder estate. Moreover, it was he who conceived the future Brut Premier. In 1933, Camille Olry Roederer, his wife, took over the estate and allowed the Louis Roederer Champagnes to make themselves known to the new generation thanks to the evenings that she organized at the Hotel Particulier familial in Reims.

Then, his grandson Jean-Claude Rouzaud inherited the Louis Roederer House. He left his mark on the estate by re-grouping the vines and passing the torches to the current owner: Frédéric Rouzaud.

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