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The Mas Foulaquier enjoys an exceptional location in Languedoc Roussillon. The domain extends to the extreme north of the appellation Pic Saint-Loup, itself the northernmost vineyard of the Mediterranean! This site gives the domain its characteristics: a stony clay-limestone soil and a great difference between the temperatures of the day and the night during the maturation of the grape varieties. It emerges from the wines in finesse and freshness, whether in red or white. Located in the commune of Claret, vignerons Pierre Jéquier - Blandine Chauchat flourish on these lands preserved chemicals. They apply the principles of biodynamics, convinced that this viticulture makes it possible to maintain the life of the soil and to strengthen the vines.

The expression of the terroir of Languedoc

At Mas Foulaquier, harvesting is done exclusively by hand, in boxes (20 kg). To remove the best of the aromas of their terroir, the winegrowers do not practice any sulphiting on the vintage and vinify the grape varieties separately. Fermentation temperature, fermentation period, aging: each vintage, each vintage has a specific treatment to obtain expressive wines of high quality. AOC Pic Saint-Loup wines from Mas Foulaquier have been certified organic for 10 years. Throughout the year, the work in the vineyards is done without chemicals: manual or mechanical weeding and natural contributions (horn dung, silica, decoctions).

Wines AOC Pic Saint-Loup

The wines produced at Mas Foulaquier contribute to the expression of the specificity of the Pic Saint-Loup appellation. The estate's 15 hectares produce subtle, aromatic and complex wines. Le Petit Duc rouge explores the aromas of raspberry and spices of Grenache and Syrah, while the red Les Calades has good potential for keeping. The Orpheus is distinguished by its freshness and silky tannins. The Pic Saint-Loup blancs, the Oiseau Blanc and the Chouette Blanche attract wine lovers by their aromas of citrus fruits and white fruits.

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