Vin Beaujolais Beaujolais

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The appellation Beaujolais is clearly the most important in this region. The red wines are obviously dominant over white wines .

The Canton of La Chapelle de Guinchay is the transition zone between the siliceous fields of the wines and the calcareous grounds of the Mâconnais.

In the upper part of the Azergues valley there are crystalline rocks which give the wines more minerality, which obliges them to age a little to obtain the quintessence.

Finally the terroirs slightly higher give wines of the Beaujolais lively and light with more freshness.

In the area of ​​the Golden Stones, below Villefranche, there are red wines with fruity and slightly vegetable aromas; These Beaujolais wines are full-bodied and somewhat rustic, very typical, a nice guard.

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