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It is almost half the vineyard of the whole of Burgundy .

In the north of Beaujolais, the rocks are rich in crystalline and metamorphic rocks, including the excellent Juliénas , St Amour , Brouilly , Morgon , and Moulin-à-vent , the most Bourguignon of the Beaujolais wines.

Until now the vines have been cut exclusively in a fan or goblet, but the vineyard has recently taken on a different face, with many vines cut in cordon and distances between rows exceeding 1.50 meters.

More and more people are choosing Beaujolais to start as winemakers because the land is still affordable. If the future of the new Beaujolais is not in danger, the beautiful appellations of the region like Moulin-à-vent , Juliénas or Brouilly , take their revenge and their coast is well to go up.

It should not be thought that the new Beaujolais is the image of the production of this whole region and well be aware that there is a very beautiful vintage, capable of supporting a beautiful guard.

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