Vin Bourgogne Pouilly-Vinzelles

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The name Vinzelles comes from the Latin vinicella meaning "small vine" and testifies to the presence of the vine since the Gallo-Roman period. The vineyard occupies the top of a slope exposed to the East, above the boroughs of Loché and Vinzelles . Clay-limestone soils are shallow.

Much less known than their neighbor, this small appellation located in the commune of Vinzelles, produces wines of the same nature as the Pouilly-fuissé , with perhaps a little less body and complexity.

The wines have a pale golden color with greenish reflections. The mouth is fruity and mineral, balanced between freshness and roundness and which play between precision and amplitude according to the climate of provenance of the grapes. The bouquet of this Burgundy wine is a beautiful balance between leakage and floral, with frequently a spicy note in the second nose.

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