Vin Loire Bourgueil

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AOC Bourgueil in Val de Loire

Honored by Ronsard and Rabelais, the wines of Bourgueil were very soon recognized! The wines of Bourgueil come from the terroir of Touraine and know a climate with continental influences. However, the Loire and its tributaries favor the micro-climates and bring an infinite richness to these wines of the Loire Valley. The Bourgueil Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée is located on 7 communes in the east of Indre-et-Loire: Benais, Bourgueil, Chouze-sur-Loire, Ingrandes, Restigné, Saint Patrice and Covers more than 1000 hectares.

Red wine of the Loire Valley

The red wines of the Loire are renowned for their freshness and their escape. They show a nice roundness and a good balance in the mouth. But the vineyard of the Loire Valley is characterized by the diversity of its soils, which enable it to produce wines to consume young and wines of guard. And the Bourgueil in all that? The terroir of the AOC combines stony, sandy-gravel and clay-limestone soils. Bourgueil is above all a red Loire wine. Less than 5% of the production is vinified in rosé. The Bourgueil produced on a gravel soil displays a beautiful garnet color and releases aromas of red fruits and black fruits. In the mouth, it is round and sweet. The Bourgueil from a terroir of tuffeau will impose more power. More tannic and more complex in the mouth, it has a certain potential for keeping.

Bourgueil and Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil

The two AOC of the Loire Valley are characterized by their proximity ... geographical and wine! Indeed, produced on a shared soil, these two red wines of the Loire are sometimes difficult to differentiate. The Appellation Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil is produced exclusively on the commune of Saint Nicolas, while the vineyard of Bourgueil extends on the surrounding communes. The winegrowers develop these red wines from the grape varieties Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

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