Vin Bourgogne Fixin

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Fixin is the first of a series of communes giving their name to an AOC, where red wines are produced, but also a little white.

This AOC covers 107 hectares, to which must be added the 45 hectares of the first vintages .

The winemakers have the choice, at harvest, to opt for the appellation Côte des Nights village or the appellation Fixin .

The red wines are full-bodied, robust, often tannic and of great guard.

Arvelets , Clos du Chapitres and Clos Napoléon , are the most renowned of the first vintages, but it is Clos de la Perriere who is clearly the leader, described as "cuvée hors classe" by great Burgundian writers and compared to the very famous chambertin

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