Vin Loire Chinon

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AOC Chinon

The vineyards exploited on the Cretaceous formations are suitable for the production of red wines with a garnet color, with a tannic structure present, a complex bouquet, fruity, floral with smoky notes, animal or spicy. The terraces offer fine wines, elegant, more supple and dominated by fruity aromas. Decreed by Louis XI "optimum vinum" to be offered to foreign princes, the chinon was one of the favorite wines of the kings of France. His quality was also evoked by Rabelais, born in La Devinière, family home located in Seuilly, a few kilometers from Chinon. Located on both sides of the valley of the Vienne, the vineyard occupies the hillsides and ledges of the plateau of the cretaceous formations and the sandy-gravel terraces. The presence of southern plant species testifies to particular climatic conditions. Confidential production, white wines, dry and fresh, have fruity and floral youth aromas that are enriched with sweet notes of evolution reminiscent of honey, grilled almond or quince. The rosé wines have aromas of red and white fruit, with a hint of citrus or spice.

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