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The ancestors of the Berthenet family have been vineyarding their grapes since the sixteenth century, but the estate was actually created in 1974 with just a few rows of vines in the best hills of Montagny les Buxy, a typically Burgundy village nestled in the middle of the vineyard. Today the Domaine Berthenet covers 18 hectares where the Chardonnay is king, next to a little Pinot Noir grape and Aligoté.The estate vinifies 11 cuvées including 6 Montagny first crus but also aligoté rosé, The red Chalon coast and even Crémant de Bourgogne. For years this area has been part of the sustainable viticulture approach and has made it a true philosophy. The vines are cultivated with great care and passion to always get excellence in the grapes. The breeding is done mainly in oak barrels.

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