Products of the domain : Domaine Bott-Geyl


In 1993 Jean-Christophe Bott received the Domaine Bott-Geyl from 1795, when Jean-Martin Geyl was plowing his vineyards and doing his wine.

In 2000 he converted the area into organic and biodynamic in 2002. He operates small yields in natural and minimalist way, combining tradition and modernity, sustainability and ecology.

Today the estate comprises 14 hectares of which 5 Grands Crus and 3 Localities, and 75 parcels in this area span of 7 towns from Ribeauvillé to Kientzheim at the center of "Pearls of the Vineyard."

The domain Bott Geyl works to magnify the natural qualities and characteristics of its terroir to that we find these characteristics in the wines they make.

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