Vin Alsace Riesling

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The Riesling is an emblematic vine of Alsace, where covers more than 20% of the vineyard. It is experiencing a strong expansion, due to its popularity. It is a high quality grape variety, selected for the AOC Alsace, Grand Cru, Vendanges tardives and Sélection grains nobles. Its white color gives a very clear wine with brilliant reflections. It is also grown in the vines of Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Chile. Riesling is the basis of dry, fruity white wines that can be consumed quickly or left for several years.

A grape variety, a thousand terroirs

The Riesling has the particularity of evolving according to the terroir on which it has grown. It is thus that two white wines from Alsace Riesling can develop totally different flavors! The Riesling is a recipe for the finesse of its bouquet. It is the perfect accompaniment to aromas: lemon, grapefruit, peach, white flowers, linden, cumin, fennel, licorice. Mineral flavors, peculiar to its soil are added to the whole. The result is a lively, long-lived wine with a strong personality.

Riesling and gastronomy

The balance and finesse of the white wines of Alsace Riesling make it the accompaniment of choice for fish or crustaceans. Oysters will see their iodized note grow with the mineral support of a fresh Riesling, while the white meats will acquire depth with this wine. Riesling can also be used in dishes, as in the Riesling cock: a traditional Alsatian recipe. To finish the meal in style, enjoy a goat or sheep cheese with a glass of Riesling!

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