Products of the domain : Domaine de Casenove

The estate La Casenove is above all a long family history! This very old wine property is managed by the same family for 400 years. The vineyard of the estate extends over 45 hectares in one piece and consists of limestone and clay soils. Étienne Montès is at the head of the estate located in Trouillas, 10 km from Perpignan. This terroir, between the Mediterranean and the relief of Aspres, is marked by its rough character. The viticulture is difficult, but also promises great success! Étienne Montès has put his knowledge of the terroir and all his requirements at the service of his wines. The best wines from the Côtes Catalanes, AOC Côtes du Roussillon and famous sweet wines are among the best.


Catalan coast in Roussillon


The winemaker leads his vineyard masterfully: harvesting at optimum maturity, strict manual selection of grapes at harvest, long vatting and aging adapted to each vintage. The Domaine la Casenove produces red, white and rosé wines, renowned for the expression of their terroir. From the warm and fruity wine to the large-scale wine, the bottles of the domaine La Casenove reveal authentic wines, which can easily be aged in the cellar. Lovers of good wines, as well as novices looking for a friendly wine are found in these elegant wines.

Côtes Catalanes wines with a touch of Roussillon terroir

The diversity of the terroir of the Casenove brings an extraordinary complexity to the wines. The sandy clays bring aromas of ripe fruit to the red wines, while the stone terraces bring lively tannins that deserve a breeding. This is particularly the case for the IGP Côtes Catalanes of Commander Francois Jaubert, a renowned estate. The IGP Côtes Catalanes La Garrigue, the other great name of the Casenove, develops a beautiful opaque dress and can be kept in the cellar for up to six years. To play the multiplicity of soils, the estate La Casenove uses many varieties; Grenache Blanc, Black Grenache, Mourvèdre, Syrah, Roussane, Macabeu, Malvoisie du Roussillon.

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