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Three hamlets, Serrigny, near the railway line, Ladoix on the RN 74, and Buisson at the end of the Côte de Nuits, make up the commune of Ladoix-Sérrigny. Whose communal name is Ladoix

Beyond the valley of Magny begins the mountain of Corton , with wide slopes with marly intercalations, constituting with all its exhibitions, east, south and west, one of the most beautiful wine-growing units of the coast of Beaune.

These different situations give the Ladoix appellation a variety of types, to which is added a production of white wines better adapted to the marly soils of the Argovians; Such as the Gréchons for example, situated on the same geological level as the Corton-Charlemagne , farther south, but enjoying less favorable exposure. The wines of this place are very typical and particularly prized.

Although enjoying a favorable classification, until 1978, Ladoix did not possess first crus. From now on, you will find: the Micaude, the Corvées and the Clou d'Orges, On the Lava, the Mourottes, wild-looking, the Bois-Roussot, which are the main ones of these first crus

Spread over 50 hectares, the name Ladoix is little known and it is a pity because they are very great Burgundy wines .

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