Vin Bourgogne Irancy

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This small vineyard is located south of Auxerre and has seen its notoriety grow and confirmed by becoming a communal AOC.

The Pinot Noir grape variety, which is the majority grape variety of the appellation, gives on the hillsides of Irancy a wine of burgundy quality, very fruity and well-structured. The terroir of the vineyard occupies essentially the slopes forming a basin in the hollow of which is the village.

The wines of Burgundy Irancy have a great reputation in red thanks to the Caesar or Roman, this local grape variety dating from Gaul. The latter, however, is difficult to exploit, capable of the best and the worst; When it has a limited production, it gives a particular character to the wine of burgundy and brings a tannin allowing a very long conservation. On the contrary, when the yield is too great, the Caesar hardly gives red wines of quality; This is why it has not been the subject of any obligation in the cuvées and that Pinot Noir is clearly privileged.

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