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The sublime soils of Beaujolais!


With expertly crafted wines, Pierre-Marie Chermette helped to improve the image of the Beaujolais appellations.

Based in Saint-Vérand in the heart of the golden stones, Martine and Pierre-Marie Chermette produce wines of Beaujolais - Brouilly, Fleurie and Moulin à Vent - as well as red, white and rosé Beaujolais.

In the vineyard plots are grass, yields controlled by short stature and green work if necessary. Harvesting is done by hand.

In the domain, traditional, semi-carbonic, whole bunches with pumping Beaujolais winemaking are practiced.

This method allows to improve the fruit and brings structure to the wine.

Pierre-Marie Chermette uses large wooden casks which, for him, are better for the Gamay than oak barrels of 228 liters.

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