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Wines AOC Côtes de Provence

You must not confuse wines of Provence and Côtes de Provence! The Côtes de Provence appellation is limited to certain areas of the vineyards of Provence, in the Var, the Bouches du Rhone and in an enclave of the Alpes Maritimes. The Côtes de Provence share the sun and the mistral that are typical of the Mediterranean climate, although the terrain and maritime influence vary, offering a great diversity of microclimates. As far as the terroir is concerned, one can distinguish the crystalline Provence towards the massifs of the Maures and the Estérel, and the limestone Provence, to the north and west of the appellation. Consequence of this great variety of terroirs, the AOC Côtes de Provence wines display a beautiful multiplicity. The appellation Côtes de Provence can be supplemented by four geographical denominations:
- Côtes de Provence Sainte-Victoire
- Côtes de Provence Fréjus
- Côtes de Provence La Londe
- Côtes de Provence Pierrefeu

Rosé wine Côtes de Provence

Rosé wines have made the Côtes de Provence famous. They represent more than 80% of the appellation's production. Their dress can range from pale pink to deep pink pink, to intense pink peony. The Côtes de Provence rosés release powerful, subtle aromas: red or yellow fruits, thyme, broom, linden, hazelnut ... In the mouth, the AOC Côtes de Provence rosés are structured, with a beautiful freshness and silky tannins.

White wine Côtes de Provence

Produced from the Clairette, Vermentino and Ugni Blanc grape varieties, the Côtes de Provence white wines display a beautiful pale yellow color with green reflections. They constitute the lowest vinification of the appellation, with just 3% of the production. Yet the white wines AOC Côtes de Provence surprising to the tasting with their citrus aromas delicately raised by the pine bark and their balance in the mouth. Served fresh on a grilled fish, they are the ambassadors of Provençal cuisine.

Red wine Côtes de Provence

The red wines of the appellation Côtes de Provence are beginning to be known. The red Côtes de Provence, purplish in their youth, evolve towards ruby ​​with age, and are elaborated, like rosé wines, from the Grenache Noir, Mourvèdre, Syrah, Tibouren and Cinsault grape varieties. The aromas of red fruits and rosemary give way to black fruits and spicy notes over time. Because the red wines AOC Côtes de Provence have a real potential of guard!

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