Products of the domain : Château Fombrauge

The first written where the Castle Fombrauge appears back at the end of the Hundred Years' War, which ended in 1453 in Castillon La Bataille, a few miles from the castle..

This is a squire, Jacques de Canolle, who set in Fombrauge Lord, who acquired the property in 1466. His grand-son, Pierre de Canolle succeeded him about 1575.

The Lord took care of his land to grow and it is at this point that already appeared the first vines.

In 1691, Marie Anne Canolle brought the domain in dowry to her husband, Jacques Dumas.

At the end of the seventeenth century, Fombrauge therefore belonged to the Dumas family from Fombrauge. The vineyard of the current Château Fombrauge enjoyed all the talent to ensure its development.

Dumas participated in the creation of the first quality viticulture through the domain. He put in practice in vines, working the vineyard selections plots and winemaking, the most modern techniques and often experimentally.. The success was

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