Products of the domain : Domaine Chapoutier

Polydor Chapoutier, whose family lives in the Rhône Valley at Tain-l'Hermitage since 1808, bought his first vines in 1879.

The work of the vine and his vinification was passed on to his children, and in 1950 Max Chapoutier arrived at the head of the domain until his retirement in 1977.

His sons Marc and Michel Chapoutier in turn took the direction of the domaine.

In the 1990s, the domaine under the direction of the two brothers committed itself to the conduct of its vines according to the principles of biodynamic agriculture. In addition, the estate has modernized its vinification facilities.

The Domaine Chapoutier is led with audacity, conviviality, generosity and respecting the soil and the environment.

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