Products of the domain : Pol Roger

Founded in 1849 by Pol Roger whose descendants are still in charge of the house, the brand is part of big Champagne houses for more than a century.
Small by the size but huge by its quality and its refinement the Champagne Pol Roger is an immediate success, notably in the UK and becomes the preferred brand of Winston Churchill who classifies it above all the others.

Mainly composed, in its early stages, of Pinot Noir, it is only in the 50’s that the House exploits Chardonnay with the acquisition of a vineyard in “la Côtes des blancs”.

After a slower pace in years 80’s-90’s, the brand is back in force at the beginning of the 2000’s with a very high quality range of Champagne evoking elegance and finesse. As proof, Brut Reserve is qualified by the Guide “Best wines in France the “First Brut of Big houses”.
But the House Pol Roger is above all, a soil… With nearly hundred hectares of vines ideally distributed on the most beautiful Champagne grounds, with the support of the best independent vine growers, Champagne Pol Roger profits from a traditional Champagne winemaking and will age slowly in one of the innumerable cellars dug on three levels among the deepest in the area.

And to add value to the brand, Pol Roger is part of Primum Familiæ Vini, prestigious association that brings together the twelve largest winemaker families in the world.

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